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whoa, been a member for a while but never intro'd myself!

Name/Nickname/something we can call you: taylor
Age: eighteen
Height: 5'1
Current weight: last time weighed.. 90, been two weeks, done lots of coke, etc..
Highest and lowest weight: 115, 90 to my knowledge
Drug of choice: coke, mushrooms, acid, vicodin, pot, 2-CI
Use for weight loss, recreation, both? other? specify: everything for recreation.. coke for weight loss as well.. acid too, i don't eat when i trip
Favorite band/artist: the string cheese incident, the allman brothers band, dave matthews band
diagnosed or self-diagnosed: self.. my dr questioned me on my last visit though.. ha
ED, drug, or community pet peeve: ana/mia, marykate/nicole richie/lindsay lohan thinspirations, people who talk about doing drugs for face value when they really don't do them

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still fat, just a little less
Anything else you feel will help your case: i got my first coke nosebleed tonight? out of my good nostril, too! damn.
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