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These are my options:

for treatment...

Hattiesburg, Mississippi
The Renaissance is now Pinegrove-Womens Center
It won't do addmissions until Nov, 1 due to hurricane bullshit
So I won't be able to leave to go for a month or so but its one of the better dual diagnoses center and its still sorta close, not too far away from Memphis but that may not really mean anything since AleX fucking left me for good. He said its like the guy who was rock climbing when his arm got caught under a rock and he tried everything to help his arm but then the arm died and he had a dead arm so he cut it off.

I wonder if he can still remember the way I feel in him arms, because I still remember they way he smelled, his clothes and hair. I asked him last night, first time I've talked to him in a month, and he just cried and couldn't handle himself so he hung up.

Tulsa, Ok
Fairview is outa the question, no Dual Diagnoses

Renfrew in Fl or PA
FL hasn't called me back but I could go to Philadelphia
I donno any more about these 2

I could stay and wait for Hattiesburg and maybe go back to Tampa, Fl real quick for a med fix checkup. So then that'll all work out. I feel comfy going to Hattiesburg, Miss for rehab but if I don't go there I wanna go to a place far far farr away.


I have no intention on staying clean

I mean, wtf?!?? no more drugs every? Don't even lie I'll be high the moment I die.
(no intention of rhyming)
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