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It's The Eating Disordered

only on drugs

The Eating Disorded on Drugs
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Hey little children, I am aiming to get this shit up and running really soon. In the mean time. Anyone who would like to create promo crap and banners, do it. I'll give you make believe points like other communities, you can trade them in for cool prizes later.
This community will have an application, but it won't be whether you are under a certain BMI or do a certain drug. It's whether me and the lovely co-mod feel like we think they are worth having in here. It's a community people, post every so often so I know you haven't died. (I mean that in the most loving way). I want a close community. So right now, it's only 25 members, we will expand accordingly and later allow 50, then 75, so on.
Rules are simple! I like easy. everyone loves easy.
1. No "ANA" "MIA" bullshit, they hate you anyways.
2. No assholes or idiots. Abbreviate when you feel like, just don't destroy the english language
3. I don't care if you promote or not, just make sure you post every so often and comment. everyone needs a little love sometime.

Name/Nickname/something we can call you:
Current weight:
Highest and lowest weight:
Drug of choice:
Use for weight loss, recreation, both? other? specify:
Favorite band/artist (no more than 3):
diagnosed or self-diagnosed:
ED, drug, or community pet peeve:
Anything else you feel will help your case:

Your Mods:



AIM: TheReneeSuicides



AIM: MadePerfectInLuv